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Cold Cathode

Technical Fluorescent
Decorative interior fixtures
Emergency Fixtures
Exterior Fixtures
Industrial Fixtures
Street & poles lighting & high masts
Explosion proof fixtures
Obstruction lights
Cold Cathode

This type of lighting is used as indirect light with full range of colors for the following features:

  • Possibility of installation in continuous rows, without interruptions in the distribution of the light,

  • High luminous emissions (lumen/meter),

  • Fully dimmable, from 0% to 100%,

  • Low powers consumption in standard conditions, with the possibility to use various transformers for an emission of light adapted to the plan requirements,

  • Long duration of the life, 40.000-50.000 hours is the consolidated standard,

  • Extremely resistant to the mechanical vibrations,

  • Immediate Ignition without flickering effect,

  • Does not generate radio interferences,

  • Does not absorb until 3 times the current of operation in ignition,

  • Usable in humid or wet atmospheres without the use of waterproof containers,

  • Operating temperatures from -40C to +70C, simply impossible for any other luminous source,

  • Competitive purchase costs and very low of installation and maintenance costs


As manufactured by:
IDEM & Metanor.

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