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Modern Bio Ethanol Fire Places

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Advantages of using bioethanol fireplace over wood burning and gas fireplaces:

  1. No need for a chimney. Since the Ethanol burns largely into steam you will not need a chimney.

  2. Odor less: The burning process of the ethanol leaves no harmful scent unlike gas and wood.

  3. No smoke: unlike wood burning chimneys, the modern bioethanol fireplace does not emit smoke while being operated.

  4. Clean: since you donít use wood, you will not make a mess or have black stains and ash from the burning wood.

  5. Practical: You can move it from one room to the other since installation is very simple. No need for chimney or gas pipes in the wall.

  6. Easy to use Very easy to use, all you have to do is fill up the tank and light the fire.

  7. Safe: Bioethanol is a clean type of energy which is safe. The burners are all certified by safety regulations and are made in either France or Germany. The fireplace is also equipped with a glass fire wall for protection. The normal gas fireplaces can be dangerous if there was a leakage in the pipes, but bioethanol is very safe and can be left in the tank without having any negative effects.

  8. Flame control: By adjusting the flap you can control the strength of the fire.

  9. Flexible: Since there is no need for chimney or gas piping you can install the burner almost any were you want. E.g. on a table.

  10. Cost effective: Running cost of using the bioethanol fireplace is economical.

E.g. To run a wood burning fire place for one winter you will need around 1 ton of wood. The market cost for 1 ton of wood is around 250-300 JD's.
If you would use the bioethanol fireplace 3 hours a day 5 times a week for 4 months of winter which is 240 hours it would cost you only 160-190 JD's depending on your burner capacity and the flap setting you use.
You will also save money because you will not need to build a chimney.
*This cost analysis applies to French models that have burner models: 709,710,711,706,707 installed in them, plus all the German models.
*For burner Model 701,702 70-80cm Length (from the French manufacturer) since the flame length is almost double the length of the flame in the above models, running cost will be around 300 JD for the upper calculated period. 4 months 240 hrs.


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