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Communication System:


The My Home Communication devices can be used to make different types of system, depending on installation requirements and the level of performance required.


Making a system with the 2 wire system, as well as the specific c door entry/video door entry functions, it can be combined with the new 2 wire sound system, and the home CCTV function in one-family installations.


Further modes of operation are supplied by systems made with the digital system, which offer the home CCTV function in one and multi-family contexts as well as the specific c door entry/video door entry functions. In the one-family context, the home can be checked and monitored remotely, also by means of the Internet, using the devices of the remote control MHSERVER, WEBSERVER etc. (see specifi c My Home Control section). The system can also be monitored locally by means of PC and Visual SCS Software.

The digital system can be combined with the telephone system using the PABX telephone switchboard.

Home CCTV in the 2 wire system:


Bticino presents its innovative home CCTV system, the only one on the market, using the 2 wire system bus technology.


In the field of one-family installations, four filming points (entrance panels and/or cameras) can be monitored.


The video handset can display pictures from the entrance panel

Home CCTV in the 2 wire system (pushbutton panel), and those taken by the cameras installed in the system (inside, outside, flush-mounted, mini dome and tube).


This is thanks to the new Coaxial/2 wire interfaces and the “audio/video node”, without the addition of more connection cables – a solution which is unique on the market -


NOTE: The cameras which can be connected are common with the

digital CCTV.



Digital system in the 8 wire system:


By putting together a BTicino video door entry system with several SFERA entrance panels, the video handsets installed can display the images from the various entrance panels.

Simplified cabling

All the systems can be cabled independently with only 6 wires, for the audio systems and 8 wires for the video systems, regardless of:

- the number of users (handsets);

- the system size;

- the functions supplied.




The video signal is distributed via twisted cable.

For easier installation work and to avoid using inadequate cables the catalogue has a specifi c 8- conductor cable for the making of audio and video systems with the digital system.


The connections are identical on all the devices.

The wire-number coupling on the terminal is the same for the whole system; this makes connections easier and reduces the possibility of error.


Digital system


Monobloc SFERA Modular SFERA


The video door entry systems made with the Digital system can be combined with the burglar-alarm system. The system cameras can be activated when an intrusion alarm has been given: the video handset displays the pictures of the room where there has been an intrusion.

Nighter and Whice Video Station: video door entry system

Wiring devices, MY HOME and video door entry
system, all aesthetically coordinated: white glass
and blue led to highlight the interfaces
The Nighter and Whice controls are MY HOME

controls which enable to manage:
single or group loads
(e.g. lights and roller blinds)
HI-FI stereo sound system
Basic door entry system functions (e.g. opening gates)


The configuration can be performed in two different ways:
physically: by inserting physical configurations in their respective seats
virtually: the control can be configured from a remote position by means of a Pocket PC or a PC

The AXOLUTE Nighter and Whice handsets and the new AXOLUTE Outdoor entrance panels bring a significant added value to the video door entry system - Nighter Video Station

Integrated telephone system :



The integrated telephone system allows the realization of telephone systems integrated with video door entry system realized with digital system. The installation of the PABX telephone switchboard inside the apartment provides the following functions:


Door entry black/white and colours from all the telephones of the system (PIVOT devices with video section)

Intercom between all the telephones

Audible monitoring of rooms

Activation of devices (max 9) from local and remotely


Integrated telephone system:


In video systems, the integration is realized using the

PABX switchboard (item 335818, item 335828) and the video distributor (item 335918) to which both the entrance panels (max. 2) and the telephones with b/w and color video sections (video-audio telephone handsets) can have a star connection.

Moreover, the video distributor allows to use the CCTV functions.

PIVOT telephones:


The range of PIVOT telephones has various functions on both the compact and standard versions:

- a memory with direct access via a dedicated key for an emergency number, a telephone carrier or a frequently used number.

- a phone book which can save up to 10 numbers which can be called by a combination of key/keypad.

- legend for immediate identifi cation of the numbers saved.

- the adjustment of ring tone volume, ring tone melody and handset listening volume can be made from the keypad.

- selection between direct connection to telephone line or via PABX (Ol/Ext).

- selection of duration fl ash key.

The main features of Pivot telephones is that, using a PABX switchboard, they can combine the video door entry and intercom functions with the telephone functions and access the main video door entry functions (switching on staircase light, opening door lock, activation del entrance panel and switching on the camera) with the dedicated keys.

Video Sections for PIVO Telephones:


All the Pivot series telephones can be fi tted with video sections.


The video sections can be connected to both “compact” and “standard” telephones.


They are available with 4’’ black and white or color monitors in the color variations White, Anthracite and Tech.


Telephones with video section (video telephones) of the Pivot series can be installed either on the table or on the wall.


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